Dr Charles Moseley

Dr C W R D Moseley MA, PhD, FSA, FEA, FRSA
Life Fellow, and Director of Studies in English, Hughes Hall, Cambridge
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Dr Charles MoseleyCharles Moseley is very much in demand as a lecturer and speaker, on both academic and non-academic subjects. He was Evelyn Wrench Lecturer for the English Speaking Union of the United States in 1993, 1995 and 2000, and has travelled widely there speaking to a very diverse selection of audiences. He has also lectured to the Explorers’ Club of New York, on his travels in Spitzbergen and Greenland in the settlements of the Norsemen.

Charles was invited to lecture in the US Virgin Islands, the scene of Columbus’ second landfall in 1493, as part of their Columbus quincentenary celebrations in 1992. He has lectured on several cruise vessels, in the Arctic, Baltic and Antarctic.

He has planned and led study tours for parties of visiting scholars and teachers in several places, including Vienna, Prague and Florence. Charles and his wife recently led a seminar study group in Florence on Renaissance art and philosophy.

Selected Lecture Topics

(this list is constantly revised and extended):


  • Speaking pictures: mediaeval religious art and the viewer's ear
  • Italian Renaissance art
  • Botticelli
  • Titian
  • The small forms of the emblem and the medal
  • Gothic architecture

Literary topics:

  • Vergil
  • Tragedy queens
  • Women and epic
  • Arthurian literature
  • Chaucer and his age
  • Mediaeval travel writing
  • Early modern drama and Shakespeare – some 60 recent lectures are available
  • Ben Jonson
  • Milton
  • Poetry and painting
  • Landscape poetry


  • Crossing Spitsbergen: a personal memoir
  • Working on fishing trawlers

Historical, geographical and ecological topics:

  • Apocalypse soon? the world crisis of the fourteenth century
  • Cambridge and its people
  • Travel in the Middle Ages
  • The Hansa
  • Finding the way: Early navigational techniques
  • Early maps and charts
  • The discovery of America
  • The Vikings in the West: Greenland, America and Iceland
  • The Fury of the Northmen
  • Samuel Pepys
  • King Arthur
  • Picturing Elizabeth
  • Richard III: a consideration of attitudes
  • The Sea Wolf: the remarkable career of Admiral Thomas Cochrane
  • The Elizabethans’ America
  • Weather and politics: from 1066 to 1688
  • Art and Antarctica
  • Darwin in Chile
  • The history of the Falklands
  • Svalbard: the Cold Coast
  • The flowers of Spitsbergen


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